Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MBAs Fave Vacations And Hot Trends For 2012

Two of our Women in Business members are here:

MBAs Fave Vacations And Hot Trends For 2012 | BusinessBecause

Clarie Kwa - MBA at Nanyang Business School
"Next year, MBA students are going to be more interested to have a piece of the emerging markets in their resume via student exchange, international internships, research etc. Although we've been seeing the start of this trend in recent times, we expect to see a significant shift of attitude towards emerging markets from being "good to know" to "must know". MBA students will expect to spend some years of their career life in this market, especially if they are to graduate in the next few years."

Wei Fang Ng - MBA at Nanyang Business School
"This year I traveled only around the Asia region and I enjoyed visiting Sydney, Australia most. The night view of the Sydney harbor was mesmerizing. There is also the unforgettable tasty Deep Fried Mud Crab with Salt and Pepper from Golden Century Seafood Restaurant. It is a must try!"

"I think the hot new trend is how to drive sustainability in businesses rather than just doing CSR activities for CSR but embed CSR into the core business so that it is align to the long term strategic goals of the organisation."

(Article from: http://www.businessbecause.com/news/funny-MBA/mba-trends-travel-81234)

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