Saturday, 31 March 2012

Almost Over...

By: Filda Yusgiantoro

I can’t believe now we are in our 3rd trimester! The time passed so quickly that I remember clearly on the day we had for our school’s orientation which I had my first outbound with full of fun and laughter. I am also very happy to meet new friends and (secretly) I do not regret at all to take my husband’s advice for taking Nanyang MBA in Singapore. It was the best decision in my life!

As we are entering T3, a few of our friends from our batch will leave by the end of this trimester. A part of them will go to another country for exchange, a part of the full timers will actually finish all of their course because they had speed up and overload themselves with extra modules since T1, and yet, they still got good grades. Hence, WIB club for the first batch will also finish in the end of T3. It was the time in WIB club, which I perceived as the most exciting moment during my MBA and will be an unforgettable journey.

Clarie Kwa, my co-partner running this club, is a lady who I admired most because she has full of ideas, an excellent organizer and a great leader. Both of us work really well with each other since the beginning of the initial set up of the club.

For our beautiful and supportive WIB members, you ladies rock! All of you are the ones that make me and Clarie go on to continue to make this new club exists and to fulfill our commitment to provide platform for all of us and to prepare for us to be a great woman leader in the future.

I believe that all of us enjoy our time in the club. Once we have spread our wings after MBA, we know that we have built a one strong community together.

A community called the “Nanyang MBA Women In Business club”.

(First WIB Informal Gathering - at Spizza Bukit Timah)

(Informal WIB Gathering with male guests – at CityHall)

(WIB Dinner Date with Mrs Meliza Musa, a female role model from one of the Wall Street banks – at Verve Pizzeria One-North)

(Nanyang MBA Olympics 2012 - WIB club & CSR club event collaboration)


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