Monday, 25 June 2012

An Interview - to be published soon

We just replied an interview request with this write-up. When the article is published in proper, we'll post it here but we like to share some excerpts from the draft first - to our WIB members, no matter where you are.


Running the club that counts several nationalities among its members has been a beautiful experience for us. Of course, it was not a bed of roses especially since we had no predecessors to rely for advice. The two co-chairs wear multiple hats. One is a full-time student and a full-time mother (mothers cannot take leave, can they?). The other is a part-time student with a full-time job. However, we share the vision to see the club take off and understand the servitude required from leaders. We are privileged to have help extended by club members to source for senior professionals and the school for supporting its activities in logistics and finance.

A special characteristic about our club is its inclusiveness. We recognize that men and women must learn to work alongside with one another. Hence many of our events are open to the guys too. Similarly, our club mentorship programme includes male mentors. Being a small organization with big dreams, we constantly seek collaborations to benefit our members, the school and even the society. A fine example is the Nanyang MBA Olympics which we jointly organized with the school’s CSR club. Ultimately, network is an asset and networking is an ability which we leverage heavily on to nurture this budding organization and its members.

The biggest challenge for women in business at the moment is making their presence known – seen and heard. The business setting has traditionally been male-dominated, even in the MBA class. As observed frequently, few women speak up. There has been even research that suggests women’s unwillingness to speak up is biologically influenced. We are not sure how useful this piece of information is but we do know one thing for sure - women who can overcome any inner doubts or fear are able to stand out more easily than others. Women have come a long way since our grandmothers’ and mothers’ time. With each generation, women have achieved milestones for themselves and our generation will not be an exception." 

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